Pro3 Safety Specifications

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*     Hot dip galvanising to AS 4680 table 1

**   Hot dip galvanising to AS 4680 table 2

*** Our optional paint finish is a high performance epoxy zinc phosphate primer with polysiloxane/high build re-coatable urethane top coat, to a finish of 225 um DFT. It is applied over an abrasive blasted surface to AS 1627 Class SA 2-1/2. The finished product is tolerant to industrial liquors containing dilute acids of up to 2% H2SO4. alkalis, salts and solvents.
Other systems can applied as per customer's request.

**** produced to the makers specification under ISO9001, hand drawn carbon steel wire, min. tensile strength 550 MPa.

RetroGUARD™ adapts to all leading industrial types of handrails, platforms, stairs and walkways* including an extensive range of non-circular stanchion profiles from box sections to angle profiles.

NOTE: The system can be provided in stainless steel as a special order. Please contact us for further information.

Pro3 Safety Pty Ltd reserves the right to vary the product specification at any time without notice.

How To Order

Contact us directly or select one of our many distributors from our Distributor page, depending on your region or country and email or call them with your details and project specifications.


Completed Installation of Dropped Object Prevention System

Dropped Object Installation on inclined sites like stairs.

Installation of Dropped Object Prevention System