Safety products for handrails, platforms and stairs

Pro3 Safety supplies a comprehensive and integrated Dropped Object Prevention System.

Our safety products are retro-fitted to new or existing handrails, platforms and stairs providing a cost effective, life saving solution to dropped object injuries and fall prevention.

We offer great service with assessment and product selection, to provide you with the ideal safety solutions and a quality product to meet today’s modern work place standards.

Relax knowing you have the best product to prevent these dangerous, often fatal but avoidable injuries.

RetoGUARD™ RetroTREAD™ RetroSTEP™ are ideally suited for use in:

  • Greenfield construction or existing plants

  • Factories, Warehouses and Storage Facilities

  • Mining, Coal, Oil and Gas processing plants

  • Drilling Rigs of all types

  • Manufacturing plants



Safety paneling is retro fitted to your new or existing handrails. It adapts to all leading industrial types of handrails, platforms, stairs and walkways*.

Learn more about RetroGuard™.



The RetroTREAD system is possible due to a unique patented clamp, designed to clip to your existing grid mesh floor. It allows for the fast and safe installation of many safety flooring options.

Learn more about RetroTREAD™.


Fast, affordable and easy to install RetroSTEP plays an integral part, when combined with RetroGUARD and RetroTREAD in completely eliminating dropped object risks from open stairs and walkways.

Learn more about RetroSTEP™.