RetroSTEP™ is quickly installed to your existing stairways, barricading areas above and below each set of stairs.

Fast, affordable and easy to install RetroSTEP™ plays an integral part, when combined with RetroGUARD™ and RetroTREAD™ in preventing dropped object risks through open stairs and walkways.

RetroSTEP™ is a great way to quickly improve plant safety without breaking the budget and is a great option for existing plants.

The design of this safety barrier ensures it fits firmly behind the existing step.

No site welding or hot works are required during the installation.

Installation can occur with little or no interruption to your schedules, maintenance or production.

Our SPECIFICATIONS tab will give you more information on product materials and surface treatments.

How To Order

Contact us directly or select one of our many distributors from our Distributor page, depending on your region or country and email or call them with your details and project specifications.

Completed Installation of Dropped Object Prevention System

Dropped Object Installation on inclined sites like stairs.

Installation of Dropped Object Prevention System